Hey! I’m Julieta

I’m a photographer, filmmaker, and traveler.
I was born and raised in San Luis, Argentina and currently living in Buenos Aires. I’m not a full-time traveler but I LOVE to travel. I like adventurous stuff like hiking, diving, paragliding, as well as go to a museum and see great art pieces.

I graduated from film school in 2008 and worked as a freelance video editor, photographer, and in some film productions. After three years doing that I had that voice in mind telling me that I should try traveling alone, just to prove that I could do it.

So in 2011, I bought my ticket to Europe and visit six countries and eleven cities. It was so exciting meeting new people and new places that when I came back home I couldn’t wait to do it again. Then after that, I went to Rio de Janeiro in 2012 and then to live five months in Mexico in 2014, and then to Europe and Mexico again in 2016, after that I’ve been traveling inside Argentina, my birth country.

On my travels, I love to do all kind of stuff like hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, ziplining, paragliding, etc. You know that kind of stuff that some people call extreme but I like to call them FUN, that kind of activities that make you feel more alive!

But I’m also an art lover so before I travel to a place I like to research a little about the history, the culture, and the local customs, therefore when I’m in the place I can really appreciate the local art, the museums, the landmarks, the art in the streets, etc.

A few years ago I started out an Instagram account and began to post photos about my travels, and as it turns out, people liked my pictures! After that, I started to get requests from people to teach them photography tips, so I thought to put together two of my biggest passions in one place!

So I’m really looking forward to showing you all of these kinds of stuff! I want to help you to make your trips more fun and enlightening, as well to teach you tips to improve your photography skills, and hope these tips are useful for you and you can have fun with them too!

All love, Julieta.

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